We receive many cases where members are registered in the unlimited plan to check what the best affiliates produce and what they earn. When we will not disclose the names of our affiliates, websites or any identifying information and facts under any circumstances, we will share some figures. We have found that in quite a few cases, the statistics that affiliates have requested and provided, usually start looking for activeness, add additional links, start using our data feeds, really climb up the charts, and start earning more After earning money, they know that it is really achievable and earn this type of cash with our system.

We found that the reason they haven’t created many occasions in the past is because they told us “we don’t know” the number or the possibility of profit from your industry. Many people (like me) when I started working with the verification vertical, absolutely didn’t know what this pipeline could deliver, when it came to quantity, revenue and commission. This is the main reason for this article, it is an effort to show affiliates, it is impossible to give this plan, it is fully paid attention, and is likely to leave money on the table, does not fully promote checking unlimited on their website. For those Thousands of dollars have been earned in our system every month, this detail may not be news of the earth shattering, because and your bank account already knows.

The evidence is in the report.

Here will be ShareASale’s August sales report. Sensitive details have been deleted to protect the identities of the ten leading affiliates in the program. Regarding this report, I need to make some points.

1) The first two websites are very popular coupon pages. According to Google, they are not the most common or highest ranked coupon sites, but they do have traffic. I say this because when you have a higher targeted traffic coupon site, when you find our hyperlink on your home page, there is no reason why you should not get comparable results. Of course there are many variables, but look at the possibilities, shouldn’t you give it a shot and let us feature it on your home page?

2) We convert. Let me repeat, our conversion is really correct. View conversions from our leading 10 subsidiaries. Let me know, honestly, what merchants do you have on your website, convert and check unlimited? Check unlimited spend a ton of capital on offline and print promotion, the brand is now a house name, helping to promote the planned excellent conversion. I You are invited to learn about the conversion content on your page. If you don’t have us on the front and center of the home page so that your website users can see us, you may not fully utilize our brand, and you are almost certainly not earning everything you might in our plan.

Some secrets of the alliance, you may not know…

1) The affiliates with the highest income tend to cooperate and sell with almost all leading merchants on the affiliate network. They know that the best merchants are doing the right thing. If they are the main merchants on the Internet, there are many affiliates with them Create capital. Cheque Unlimited has been the first customer on the ShareASale #1 100 PowerRank project for more than 5 years. As a subsidiary, shouldn’t you cooperate and promote the highest-rated ShareaSale merchant program around the Internet?

2) The main income affiliate will not only check the commissions that the merchant must pay, but the reverse. If the merchant does not switch, they will pay you a 50% commission, but if the merchant converts at a higher interest rate, your traffic will earn you additional income from the merchant with a lower commission. Recently, the inspection space has become very crowded. When many “merchants” set up inspection websites overnight, they cannot obtain the name, brand or customer loyalty associated with thousands of happy consumers because the inspection is unlimited. Entered this space in 1986. By ensuring that hyperlinks are loaded on the high-traffic pages in the webpage, enjoy the benefits of ongoing offline and direct mail branding, and use it to bring you benefits.

3) The affiliate with the highest income realizes that September is the beginning of our “peak season” for checking sales. Validation sales are now starting to increase, peaking at Novi Meber and December, and beginning to level off in February. Our main subsidiary knows this, and now you do. There is no better time than now to start focusing on checking infinity and getting your links loaded in the right place.